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About Us

Southwest Chiropractic ExteriorDr. Bradley Wildberg began practicing in 1980. While working as the Vice President of Clinical Services at his alma mater, Northwestern Health Sciences University, he met Dr. David Stude. When the opportunity came to join forces, they combined their knowledge to benefit the people of our community.

You’ll find Southwest Chiropractic in the southwest metro area, across the street from the SouthWest Transit center.

Help for Chronic Cases

Even if other providers have been unable to help you, you may be able to find your solutions with our team. We see many people who have complex and chronic cases who get the results they’ve been hoping for with us.

One of our patients was a woman whose next stop was the surgeon’s office. With a combination of chiropractic and laser, her knee no longer caused her trouble. Others have had back surgeries that didn’t work. With our combination of treatments, we can help many that others haven’t been able to.

Experience Our Array of Services

Our chiropractors have decades of experience. Over the years, they’ve taken numerous courses, training and certifications. Their skills combine with high-tech therapies and equipment under one roof.

We understand that your goal is to be freed from pain. Our first aim is to relieve any discomfort you’re in. Afterward, we will discuss how you can stay well with periodic treatments so that you don’t have to worry about pain again.

Get Started Today

If you have a concern about your health, we’re here to assist you. Contact our chiropractic care center today to schedule your first appointment! We’re open late and have Saturday hours.

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