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Active Release Therapy® in Eden Prairie MN

Best Chiropractors AwardAt Southwest Chiropractic, we provide a multitude of solutions to get you better. Dr. Stude is a Full Body Master Certified in Active Release Therapy (ART), which can be used as a complement to your chiropractic care with us.

Who ART Is For

Anyone can benefit from ART. It has become the gold standard for soft tissue management around the globe. It can treat muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, joint capsules and nerve entrapments. The name “Active Release Therapy” is derived from the fact that often, a patient will be asked to perform a specific movement while a tissue is being treated.

If you have pain and restrictions in your function or motion, the soft tissues of your body are likely involved. Chiropractic is critical in mobilizing your joints and aligning your spine. The soft tissues, however, must be addressed at the same time. Dr. Stude can provide that comprehensive approach with ART.

The Goal of Active Release Therapy

The aim of ART is to restore the resiliency of your soft tissues. Commonly, the problems we treat are due to scar tissues or adhesions. The tissues no longer glide over each other as they should. In turn, pain occurs, the joint wears out, the nerves are trapped and you might experience an issue like numbness or tingling in the hands. We can diagnose your condition and address it with ART.

We may recommend laser therapy or electric muscle stimulation in addition to your ART and chiropractic care. We’ll perform an examination to discover what you need and create a plan for you. As time goes by, we’ll monitor your results and make any changes as needed.

I have been going to SWC for over 2 years. Dr. Stude has treated a number of different sports injuries for me. His use of Active Release Technique (ART) has relieved my old injuries and allowed me to participate in biking, Nordic skiing, and various other activities. I highly recommend Dr. Stude to anyone who has athletic injuries. - Kevin C.

A Member of the Elite Provider Network

Dr. Stude is a member of ART’s Elite Provider Network. He can provide Active Release Therapy Eden Prairie in an industrial setting if you think your business may benefit from it. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule your first appointment

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