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Dr. Stude with smiling childSouthwest Chiropractic Reviews

What Our Eden Prairie Patients Say

At Southwest Chiropractic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Keeping Me Healthy

I have been seeing Dr. Stude for over 5 years. He works on my back, neck, hips, and anything that is bothering me. I would say the biggest benefit from chiropractic care is that it keeps me healthy without going right to pills, which would be my doctor’s answer.
I rarely even get a cold and if I do, it goes away in a few days! Thank Dr Stude for keeping my spine healthy and allowing this 60 year old woman to be healthy and active!

– Doris C.

Optimal Health

Do you want optimal health? If so, I would encourage you to consider chiropractic medicine. While I have a chronic condition of 25 years duration, regular treatments have kept me mobile, more balanced, and in far less pain. Chiropractic medicine is not invasive, it does not drug you, but will leave you with a better sense of well-being. That has been my experience since coming to SWC these past 15 years. Even when I helped with the care of an aging parent in IN, I continued chiropractic care, albeit not with my favorite doctor. However, on my return to MN, I immediately went back to SWC. These practitioners are two of the best in the country- using innovative therapies, truly caring, professional and forward-thinking. If you value your health, I believe you owe it to yourself to give SWC a try.

– Beatrice V.

Life is Good

I have been treating with Dr. Stude for over 10 years with various neurological injuries and symptoms. In the beginning I was at such a low point and thought I would never feel good again. Dr. Stude has put me back together; Life is Good. Thank you SWC!

– Laurie M.

Laser Therapy Exceeded Expectations

Southwest Chiropractic laser therapy exceeded my expectation on the treatment of my knee. I thought there would not be a viable treatment other than knee replacement. I was experiencing swelling and arthritic pain even when I was not active. After several treatments I began to experience reduced swelling and much less joint pain. By the end of my treatment I was experiencing little or no pain and swelling. It allowed me to walk without pain most of the time, except for extended periods of time on my feet. I continued with monthly treatments up to the time I had a partial knee replacement. After the partial replacement I used the laser therapy to help with healing and prevent further joint deterioration.

– Tim M.

Chiropractic Helps Me Play Golf

I have seen Dr. Stude for about 2 years, and have had great results from his treatment on my back and neck. If I was not treated on a monthly basis, I would not be able to play golf or play with my grandchildren. I have decompression traction for my neck every four weeks, which keeps my neck very loose and healthy. I would recommend Dr. Stude for chiropractic needs.

– Tom G.

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